Ground Speed Sensors

The newly designed PEGASEM Radar Sensors allow carefree non-contact speed sensing over ground at a very competitive price. The road surface is scanned with a 24 GHz radar beam. The internal processor creates a high precision TTL- output signal with 100 pulses per metre from the raw Doppler signals. For high precision measurements, the GSS25C has automatic internal vehicle pitch compensation using a dual beam design while the GSS15C/GSS25C, with its single beam approach, is targeted for applications where vehicle pitching during acceleration and braking does not occur e.g. tramways, trains etc. High gain microwave antennas create a Doppler signal with excellent noise margin allowing measurements even in the ultra low speed range. The clean, high quality speed output signal outperforms many competitive non-contact vehicle speed sensors. Both models come in weatherproof housings with five meters of cable and a mounting solution for easy and quick fitting to the vehicle’s body.


•  Non-contact Measurement
24GHz Radar Doppler Technology
Works on Plain and Rough Terrain
Excellent Price/Performance Ratio
Single or Dual Channel Versions
•  Direction Sensing

  Vehicle Pitch Compensation (GSS25C)
•  Excellent Low-Noise Speed Signal
•  Low Signal Latency (<10ms)
•  Working Range from 0.1 - 300km/h
•  Compact and Lightweight
•  Robust
•  Fits within seconds
•  Pulse Output
•  Analogue Speed Output (GSS25C)
•  Serial RS232 Interface (GSS15C/GSS25C)

 Overground Vehicle Speed Sensing

 Precision vehicle speed information
 Precision distance measurement

•  Brake Test

•  Acceleration Test
•  Fuel Consumption Test
•  Vehicle Sound Analysis
•  Interval Marking
•  Off-Road Test
•  Vehicle Homologation

 Control of vehicle speed during crash tests
 Slip test
 Skid test
•  Refinement of ABS
 Support of GPS based test equipment





Download Datasheet GSS_15/25C