On this page we collected some videos for you to show only a few specific advantages of our products. However only a short version can be made available on the internet. The full versions, more videos and the PDF- data sheets of our products are available on our CD-ROM. We will be happy to mail it to you on request. Please give us your address. Thank you. 

You can download the shortform videos with a click on the underlined file name. They are available in two alternative formats (Microsoft AVI and Apple/Quicktime MOV). For best play back quality you will need the Quicktime-Player-Plugin for your browser. If it is not yet installed on your computer please load it down directly from the Apple Server at and install it afterwards. The PlugIn is available either for Windows or Mac.



Duration in seconds

File Size



Fifth Wheel 5 182 KB 1

Even at kerbstones carefree reversing is possible

fwl_1s.avi 5 237 KB 10 2,73 MB 2

See above but full version

fwl_1l.avi 10 3,38 MB 12 3,88 MB 2

Reversing the car with the PEGASEM 5th Wheel

fwl_5l.avi 12 3,47 MB 10 300 KB 1

The Measurement Wheel easily fits under trucks

fwl_3s.avi 10 449 KB 6 1,78 MB 2 The damper keeps the wheel well on the road
fwl_4l.avi 6 1,62 MB 6 225 KB 1

During winter test repeated and long reversing (on narrow passes) is possible without problems.
Remark: The 5th wheel seems to stop for a while during the run. This is caused by an interference between the camera and the wheel rotation.

fwl_6s.avi 6 310 KB 73 20 MB 2
fwl_6l.avi 73 29 MB

FMS 5 200 KB 1 Within a few seconds the wheel can be removed from the PEGASEM P-Lock Bolts
fms_1s.avi 5 278 KB 19 5,09 MB 2 See above but full version
fms_1l.avi 19 6,39 MB
      3 Mounting the wheel at the towing lug

MMS 3 127 KB 1 Quick fastening of sensors at the car wheel with PEGASEM Magnetic Holders
mms_1s.avi 3 172 KB 27 7,38 MB 2 See above but full version
mms_1l.avi 27 9,38 MB 2 91 KB 1 Removing the Magnetic Holders
mms_2s.avi 2 123 KB 24 6,45 MB 2 See above but full version
mms_2l.avi 24 7 MB 15 4,11 MB 2 The variable clearance between the harness protection sleeve and the fender allows to use the full steering angle
mms_3l.avi 15 4,38 MB


      3 WSS Wheel Speed Sensor in action
1 Available for direct download (Short version)
2 Full Version. Available on CD-ROM only. Please order for free.
3 In Preparation