PEGASEM P100 Series
Speed Monitor


• km/h or mph units selectable
• Adaptable to any wheel circumference
• Accepts a wide range of pulse rates
• Bright display with excellent readability even at sunlight
• Analouge Sensor Display (P120)
• Wide temperature range
• Easy installation at the windshield
• Small and leight weight

• High Precision Tachometer
• Driver Display
Stopping Distance Test
Turning Circle Test
Sensor Monitoring and Supply

The P100 driver displays are used as as control monitor for the vehicle speed and as a node for the sensor wiring during vehicle tests. Furthermore the P110 and P120 units allow simple tests on vehicles like stopping distance, turning circle or round trip time. The display works with different wheel diameters and pulse counts. All pulse transducers from 10 pulses per meter or higher are suitable. With it´s additional analouge input channel the P120 also enables displaying speed, force, pressure or temperature from various types of non-pulse transducers. Sensors with moderate power requirements can be directly supplied by the display.

Download Datasheet: PDF, 112KB